With Superbank the benefits are as super as it gets

Main Savings

Hi, Super Friend! Let’s manage your savings the way you like it, No matter how much your deposits.

Saku by Superbank

Need a vacation, pay for your dream gadget, or settle bills? All can be done using Saku without any monthly administrative fees.

Celengan by Superbank

Start small and watch it grow! Try out Celengan by Superbank for your savings.

Super app in your hands

Get the Superbank App today! User-friendly and secure application offers convenience and flexibility, empowering you to embrace its array of benefits on your terms.

Easy to use

The application is simple, not complicated, and easy to use with no confusion!

There is always help

Super Care is ready for you 24/7. Ask anything through the application, and you will surely get a response!

Security is ensured

More than just super benefits, but your security is also our top priority.

30x transfer
per month, free of charge!

Effortlessly move your cash at Superbank
send up to 30x each month without any fees

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