Digital Forensic & Incident Response Specialist

Opening Date: 11 Apr 2023

About the Role

Digital Forensic & Incident Response team which will be in charge of leading a team of SOC analysts (in-house/outsourced), incident responder(s) & digital forensic analysts.

Work Responsibilities

  • Protecting enterprise systems and information by promptly responding to security threats and incidents, acting individually and as part of a team to resolve issues
  • Deploy and/or build software to enable new detection capabilities
  • Proactively identify malicious activity by analyzing logs, packets, and alerts for signs of malicious activity
  • Researching attacker profiles and infrastructure to predict better and prevent future attacks
  • Analyzing the latest attack patterns and techniques and applying solutions to detect them quickly
  • Build systems or frameworks to reliably facilitate the detection of anomalous events in the large-scale cloud, networks, and host environment
  • Act as subject matter expert to provide insight and guidance to colleagues engaging in prevention measures.

Job Requirements

  • Bachlelor’s Degree in Computing, Information Technology or equivalent 
  • Minimum 5 years experience in related fields 
  • Demonstrable knowledge of threat detection and incident response methodologies as well as security architecture, system administration, and networking (including TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP)
  • Knowledge of operating systems, including Linux/Unix, macOS and Windows
  • Automation skills using various scripting/programming languages such as Python, OPA etc.
  • Have working experience on how to operate EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) systems
  • Knowledge of application security (offensive/ defensive) 
  • You should have good communication skills in English as well as Bahasa 
  • Significant advantage if you have any professional certifications like SANS/ Offensive Security/ ISC2 and any blue/red team certification
  • Any work experience in Banking and/or Fintech industries is a big plus.

Leadership Competency

Individual Contributor

Title: Digital Forensic & Incident Response Specialist
Dept: Technology

Status: Full-time

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