Main Savings Account

Open a Superbank account, it’s the easiest!
Anytime, anywhere you like, just download and register!

The Main Savings Account is your primary account.It is automatically created when you successfully register as a Superbank customer for the first time.


Use Superbank as you please!

No administration fees, no initial deposits, and no minimum balance. You can have an account with Superbank right away.

Open an account as easy as that

Simply use the Superbank app to complete your personal information and verification; your account will be activated immediately!

Your trusted account

Enjoy all the features of Superbank with the Main Savings Account.


Let's Find Out How to Open a Main Savings Account!

Here's an easy step-by-step guide to having a Superbank Main Savings Account.

Currently, it's in the limited access phase for a select group of customers. Please be patient as the access for everyone will be open soon.

1 Superbank

Download the Superbank App

You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2 Superbank

Prepare Your E-KTP!

You can open an account with just your E-KTP!

3 Superbank

Fill in the E-Form

Complete your personal information and follow the provided instructions.

4 Superbank

Verify Data and Prepare a Well-Lit Location!

Prepare a well-lit location and background for your selfie. Remove your mask, hat, and glasses to enhance the success of the facial verification process.

1. Interest Rate

Main Savings Interest Rate (%p.a)


Frequently asked questions

The Main Savings Account is an automatically created account when you successfully register as a Superbank customer. You can use the Main Savings Account to make transactions and receive transfers from other Superbank customers and from other banks.

You can transfer funds to/from other banks through the Main Savings Account and top up your Saku account balance.

For more information, you can check on the page Rates, Fees and Limits