Targeting MSMEs and Retail, Superbank is Ready to Work on Credit to the Emtek and Grab Ecosystems

Published on 4 Mar 2023

Photo credit: Wenti Ayu Apsari

WE Finance, Jakarta - PT Super Bank Indonesia (Superbank) continues to innovate as it transforms into a digital bank targeting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and retail customers.

Main Director of Superbank, Tigor M Siahaan, said that the presence of Superbank is expected to be a bank customers can rely on to provide support and guidance to meet their needs in achieving their desires.

This time, Superbank will focus on penetrating customers underbanked or customers who already have access to financial services because this segment has not been optimally exploited.

"This segment is still broad, we are trying to focus on our ecosystem," Tigor said in a press conference at the 2023 SPARK Indonesia Banking & Finance Summit at the Kempinski Hotel, Jakarta Monday (27/2).

According to Tigor, these targets can become a special competitive advantage for Superbank as a bank with digital services. Moreover, lending within an ecosystem will be more targeted because it has a number of advantages. One of them is knowing the business run by the debtor more fully and being an alternative to credit assessment.

"For example, there is a martabak seller at Grab Food, we can see how many are sold, where are the sales, whether they are selling or not and what is the rating. Only we have that data so we can provide credit scoring," said Tigor.

In addition, the bank which was formerly known as Bank Fama will also focus on working on existing markets within the EMTEK Group and Grab ecosystems because they have great potential and have not yet been explored.

Tigor believes that every bank wants to give credit to anyone. However, the distribution must be measured according to the capacity of the debtor's ability to pay. That is, there should be no misuse of credit by customers which has the potential to result in bad credit.

"There are people who borrow, they say, for renovations, for expansion but it turns out to be remarried, spree, that's not true. So, Superbank can directly monitor the business being run by debtors. At the same time monitor the business developments of creditors. That's the ecosystem that we will use it in the future," he said.

Furthermore, Superbank will also launch products in the third quarter of 2023, while until now it is still focused on platforms, infrastructure and ecosystem connectivity.

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Writer    : Wenti Ayu Apsari

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