OJK Jawa Barat Coffee Morning - in collaboration with Bank Fama

Published on 03 Jan 2023

Coffee morning at Bank Fama Asia Africa KCP office

OJK West Java initiated a meeting with HIMBARA Banking Member (Association of State-Owned Banks), namely Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BTN and Bank BRI. In addition, there were also Bank BCA, Bank BSI and 4 (four) Commercial Banks with Head Offices in West Java, namely Bank BJB, Bank BJB Syariah, Bank Fama Internasional and Krom Bank Indonesia.

Present at the event were the Head of OJK Regional 2 West Java and the Officials of Banking Supervision and Strategic Management of OJK West Java. The banking officials who attended were the Main Director, Compliance Director or Head of the Regional Banking Office. The meeting discussed current banking issues, projected growth in banking credit/financing in West Java in 2023 and the handling of creditor restructuring affected by the earthquake in Cianjur Regency.

Coffee Morning is a routine agenda that is carried out every 1 (once) month, taking place at a bank office. As of October 2022, Banking in West Java is growing positively, both in terms of Assets, Third Party Funds (DPK) and Credit. Credit/financing growth is growing aggressively . The highest growth was BPR/S, which was 14.53% yoy, even though in terms of the portion of BPR/S credit, it was only 3.6% of the total bank credit in West Java. Meanwhile, credit from conventional banking still dominates, with a market share of 87.1%.